Can Boiled Eggs Boost Metabolism?

Can Boiled Eggs Boost Metabolism?

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Get protein and healthy fats from boiled eggs.

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Boiled eggs make a convenient snack when you're out for the day or on the road or need something to tide you over between meals. They can also be a tasty high-protein breakfast. Regular eating is thought to boost metabolism, which can be beneficial when trying to lose weight. While this is only partly true, boiled eggs can still be part of a healthy, balanced meal plan designed to raise your metabolic rate.


Protein has a high thermic effect, meaning your body burns more calories digesting it than it does fat or carbohydrate. One large boiled egg contains around 6 grams of protein. Including a lean protein source, such as boiled eggs, at every meal helps you take advantage of the metabolism-boosting benefits of protein, according to Amanda Carlson-Phillips, vice president of nutrition and research for Core Performance.


Snacking can be an important part of any diet, but increasing your meal frequency by munching on boiled eggs won't directly increase your metabolism. No evidence exists showing that eating more frequently leads to a metabolism boost, claims nutritionist Ben Greenfield. It doesn't matter whether you eat three, five or eight times per day -- the most important factor in determining your metabolism speed is the total number of calories you consume, according to the IDEA Health and Fitness Association.

Factors Determining Metabolism

Your metabolic speed relies on a lot more than just the type of foods you eat. The main factors governing your metabolism are your body weight and composition -- your ratio of muscle mass to fat mass -- gender and age, according to You can't change genetic factors like gender and age, but you can speed up your metabolism by increasing your activity levels and building muscle mass.


Ultimately, adding boiled eggs to your diet is unlikely to have a substantial effect on your metabolism. Substituting boiled eggs for fat- or carb-based foods with the same calorie values may provide a small boost, but not enough to lead to much, if any, weight loss. Boiled eggs are a nutrient-dense source of protein and can be part of your healthy diet, but don't rely on them for changing your metabolism.