Type of Dumbbell Curls to Get Cut

Type of Dumbbell Curls to Get Cut

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Building more muscle mass in your arms makes you look more cut.

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The dumbbell curl is known as a biceps exercise and, to a large degree, it is. But it also works other lesser-known muscles of your arms. These are the brachialis, a muscle lying underneath your biceps, and the brachioradialis, a muscle located in your outer forearms. By manipulating the manner in which you perform dumbbell curls, you can better work these two arm muscles. And, by building them up, you will improve the shape of your arms and make them appear more cut due to the increase in muscle mass.


The classic execution of the dumbbell curl primarily targets the biceps. This is because you are holding each dumbbell with a palms-up underhanded grip, which places your biceps in an optimal position to contract. Once you are holding the dumbbells with this grip, stand up straight, put your arms by your sides and bend your arms as much as you can. Squeeze your biceps muscles, hold for a second and then lower the dumbbells to the start.


The brachialis is a little-known muscle, because it's difficult to see in most people. due to lack of training. This muscle is located under the bottom half of your biceps and, when built up, can be seen from the outer side of your upper arms. Building this muscle up can make your arms appear much more cut simply due to the fact that when your flex your arms, the brachialis pops out in your outer upper arms. To exercise this muscle, do the dumbbell curl using a palms-down overhanded grip.


If you use a hand grip in between palms-up and palms-down, you will better focus on a muscle called the brachioradialis. This hand grip is known as a neutral or semi-pronated grip. It is also known as a thumb-up grip. When you're holding a hammer, this is the hand that you're actually using. By doing this type of dumbbell curl, you will build up the brachioradialis and make your outer forearms appear more shapely and cut.

Workout Protocols

You should do each type of the three aforementioned curls during your arm workouts to make them appear more cut. Do four sets of 12 reps per exercise. Start each workout with a 10-minute warm-up of jumping rope, jumping jacks and pushups. Then, after your workout, do a 10-minute cool-down on the treadmill or stepmill, or just take a brisk walk.