What Kind of Exercise Can You Do on Cable Crossovers at the Gym?

What Kind of Exercise Can You Do on Cable Crossovers at the Gym?

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Do more than flies on the cable crossover at the gym.

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The cable crossover at the gym is not just for pec flies. It is used for resistance training, but the exercises you can do on a cable crossover can work each part of your body. Most gyms have various handle attachments, or even straps that can wrap around your ankles for a challenging strength workout. You can do a complete workout on the cable crossover apparatus, or just a few exercises.

Same Rules Apply

The cable apparatus is another strength, or resistance, training tool. Muscles can be worked two or three times each week on nonconsecutive days as part of a full-body workout or split routine. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends starting with one set and working up to two or three sets of each exercise. Perform each set for eight to 12 repetitions with a challenging resistance. Focus on proper form and technique before you increase the weight.

Flex Your Guns

Work every major muscle in your upper body on the cable crossover. Of course, you can still do your flies. But change the angle by bringing the setting down or up higher than you usually do. You can do a single hand row for your back, one arm at a time. Set the handles low, hold them in opposite hands and do lateral raises for your shoulders. You can also perform biceps curls one hand at a time, or change to a bar and do curls. Raise it up and do some press downs for the back of your arms.

Suck It In

If you like using resistance for your abdominal training you can do some exercises on the cable crossover. Set the handle at waist height and rotate keeping your hips steady. You can set it high or low and do chops on each side as well. With a rope attachment and the handle set high you can perform a kneeling cable crunch. Set the handle low and put on the ankle straps to do a weighted reverse crunch as well.

Show A Little Leg

Your lower body is not neglected on the cables. With a straight bar set low you can do stiff-legged deadlifts or squats. With an ankle attachment you can do abduction, adduction and hip extension for your outer and inner thighs, as well as your butt. You can also use an ankle attachment and perform single leg ham curls and leg extensions that will challenge your balance as well as your strength.