Ideas for Teaching Swimming Lessons

Ideas for Teaching Swimming Lessons

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You can teach swimming to groups or individuals.

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Swim teachers provide a valuable gift to non-swimmers, one that can provide fitness and fun -- and safety while boating and at the beach. To get started, you need to find your students, bring them to a pool with open swimming time -- and begin instructing.

Age Groups

People of any age may need swimming lessons. Promote your service to parents of small children, teenagers and adults alike. With each age group and talent level, you can adjust your lessons. Accommodate those who need extra attention and allow also for those who master strokes and techniques quickly to be able to move forward at their own pace.

Tailor Your Lessons

You can divide your training into four distinct groups that you can then divide into sub-groups based on ability. Instructors typically divide their students into parent and child groups, where the children are between the ages of 6 months and 36 months; preschool groups, for children aged 3 to 5; youth groups, for children aged 6 to 14; and adult groups, for those aged 14 and older.

Swimming Lesson Plans

Beneficial strokes for a beginning swimmer include the freestyle, front crawl and breast stroke. Each of these strokes are relatively simple to learn and moderately simple to master. For those your gifted students, offer lessons in the butterfly stroke. This stroke is often the most challenging for the coach to teach. It teaches the student not only power, but endurance.

Locations For Swim Classes

You can approach a community pool about offering swim instruction. Even if the pool already has a swim instructor onsite you can also inquire about holding your classes during open swim times. If your student count is low enough, explain that you will only need t a corner of the pool and you would not be encroaching on the swim space of others.

If your area does not have a community pool, approach homeowners with their own in-ground pools. For a small fee, most people would not mind renting their pool to you. Approach hotels in the area that have pools to offer your coaching services.