Hardcore Workouts to Get Strong and Ripped

Hardcore Workouts to Get Strong and Ripped

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Use a mix of body-weight, barbell, dumbbell and cable machine exercises to switch up your routine.

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Most men stop seeing significant strength gains after doing the same routine for period of time -- typically three to four weeks. The key to getting ripped and seeing consistent strength gains is to challenge your muscles by varying your workouts. To get ripped, you need a workout that will keep your body fat low to prevent excess fat from hiding your muscles. A hardcore workout to get strong and ripped is not for beginners. If you are new to working out, start off with a full-body weightlifting routine that hits every major muscle group.

Split Training Plan

Split training, made popular by bodybuilding pioneer Joe Weider, is a method of focusing on specific muscle groups each session. For example, by training your upper and lower body on separate days, you can do more exercises for those muscle groups, thereby building strength faster. This hardcore workout trains your muscles at a high intensity, so you burn more calories while building muscle. Use a heavy weight that challenges you to complete your set to for maximum strength gains. Complete one day of upper-body and one day of lower-body training, take a full rest day and repeat the sequence. For example, train your upper body on Mondays and Thursdays and your lower body on Tuesdays and Fridays. Add in at least two days of cardiovascular exercise, such as jumping rope, jogging or full court hoops to burn more calories and get ripped.

Upper-Body Days

Begin your upper-body workout with a five-minute warm-up, such as jumping rope or jogging around a track. Complete four sets of five to eight repetitions of each exercise. In order to build maximum strength, choose a heavy weight that challenges you, yet allows you to complete your set with good form. For your chest, do bench presses, dumbbell chest flyes and decline chest presses. For your back, do barbell rows, lat pulldowns and back extensions. Hit your shoulders with barbell incline shoulder presses and dumbbell shoulder shurgs. For your biceps, do barbell curls and alternating hammer curls. Target your triceps with cable pulldowns and dumbbell kickbacks. Finish off your workout with some core work by doing 20 to 25 sit-ups and knee raises.

Lower-Body Days

Warm up for at least five minutes by jumping rope or jogging around the track. Begin with four sets of squats using a weight that challenges you yet allows you to keep proper form. Next, do three sets of five to eight repetitions of roman deadlifts, leg presses and standing calf raises. Finish off your workout with some core work by doing 20 to 25 sit-ups and knee raises.

Diet Matters Too

The best weightlifting routine in the world will not get you ripped without the right diet. According to The Shredded Chef, you need to operate at just the right calorie deficit to lose excess weight and feed muscle. Instead of eating three big meals a day, eat a small meal every three to four hours that consists of a lean protein and healthy carbs. You must create a calorie deficit by burning more calories than you are taking in. It is important to consume food with high nutritional value, like lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Avoid empty calories, such as white bread, sugary drinks and junk food.