Good Week Workout Plan for Losing Weight

Good Week Workout Plan for Losing Weight

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Rest and recover after a day of intense cardio.

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You can shed pounds with plenty of intense cardiovascular training, as long as you remember to add the missing links in many weight-loss plans -- strength training and a clean diet. Approach each week with a plan for what each day will entail to advance you toward your fat-shedding goal.

Program Design

Your week will consist of two days of circuit training, one day of HIIT, and one day of strength work. Begin each workout with five minutes of light cardio warm-up. Focus on proper form, looking for advice from a trainer or experienced lifter. After your first few weeks, increase your challenge by performing more reps or more sets, by adding weights or decreasing rest times. Eat a diet of complete lean proteins, and healthy fats and carbs, to attain optimal fat loss results.

Monday and Thursday

Circuit training provides your body with an increase in metabolism over time by building muscle with resistance exercises and burning calories with the cardiovascular training. Circuit train your full body for 30 minutes on Mondays and Wednesdays. Perform the shoulder press, jump roping, pushups, jumping jacks, walking lunges, mountain climbers, chinups, burpees and deadlifts 60 seconds each, one right after the other with little to no rest in between exercises. You may rotate through all of these exercises until you complete 30 minutes worth of activity.


HIIT burns immense amount of calories in a short amount of time, which may help decrease your stress if you have an already busy schedule. Perform HIIT -- high intensity interval training -- for 10 minutes on Tuesdays. HIIT involves 60 seconds of intense activity followed by 60 seconds of lower intensity activity with no rest during the workout. Perform a cardiovascular exercise of your choice for this session. The cardio activity could entail sprinting and jogging, jump roping or mountain climbers.


Weight training increases metabolism by building muscle, which increases metabolism, thus resulting in fat loss by a change in body composition. Perform a compound weight training session on Saturday. After your warm-up, perform deadlifts. Add the bench press, squats, shoulder press, chinups and dips. Perform each exercise for four sets of 15 reps, resting no more than 45 seconds between exercises. Begin with body weight or a modest weight of five to 10 pounds and gradually increase weight by five to 10 pounds each session.

Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Rest on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Your body needs time to recover to avoid metabolic damage, grow muscle and lose fat effectively. Resting does not have to mean sitting all day. Rather, it means not scheduling an intense exercise session. Feel free to walk leisurely and enjoy any outdoor activity on these days.

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