Exercise Plans for Chest & Belly Improvements

Exercise Plans for Chest & Belly Improvements

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By focusing on the major muscles in your chest and belly, you automatically work many of the smaller muscles in those areas.

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No single workout plan suits every exerciser; some of those concerned with their physiques wish to focus on making specific parts of their bodies look better. A better-looking chest and belly require exercises that focus on those areas and burn fat, thereby making the chest and belly muscles more apparent. By knowing what workouts to perform and when to perform them, you can develop an exercise plan to improve your chest and belly.

Tone It Down

Even if you're naturally muscular, your chest and belly will not appear "toned" unless you've burned off sufficient amounts of the fat they hide under. For a more muscular appearance, schedule 45-minute low-intensity cardio routines, which burn fat at an efficient rate, into your exercise plan. Your cardio workouts don't need to be intense; tone it down with some easy routines such as swimming, jogging or cycling. But if you choose to kick it up, do so over a shorter interval, such as by performing 20 minutes of jump rope, playing a short but exhaustive game of tennis or hitting a heavy bag for 15 minutes.

You Must Resist

Resistance training should supplement your cardio routine. Not only does resistance training help your chest and belly muscles grow, but it also increases your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day. For chest emphasis, your resistance training workout should contain exercises focusing on the pectoralis major, the biggest muscle in your chest. Include bench presses, chest dips and chest presses in your workout. For belly emphasis, focus on the rectus abdominis and obliques, the major muscles in your waist. Include power twists, side bends and bicycle crunches in your routine.

Timing Is Everything

Because cardio workouts burn fat once you use up your muscles' glycogen, or stored carbohydrates from food, a cardio workout on an empty stomach can help your body engage the fat-burning process more quickly. If you feel you need energy before a workout but still want to optimize your fat-burning, eat a meal that's zero-carbs or light on the carbs, such as a vegetable omelet. In contrast, you should eat some carbs before a resistance training workout, as the collected glycogen gives your muscles the energy to lift weights.

Be a Man with a Plan

Schedule your exercise plan to assure that you have one day of rest between resistance training exercises. You can fill those empty days with cardio workouts. Alternatively, rest on those days and perform both cardio and resistance training on the same days. For chest exercises, aim for three to five sets of five to 10 reps, with a few minutes of rest in between sets. For belly exercises, aim for three to five sets of 10 to 20 reps, with a few minutes of rest in between.